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IGNITE Music was founded by Sanjeev Desour, founder of Ritzy and the single most influential MC and eclectic DJ in the industry. Sanjeev departed from Ritzy to form IGNITE Event Productions, the first company in the Asian Wedding Industry to introduce the now popular trend of bespoke set and stage design and large-scale event production.

Being pioneers and possessing a pedigree, expertise and attention to detail that is unrivalled, IGNITE is the first choice for the astute party organiser and those wanting a truly personal and professional service without compromise.

Unlike other companies who turn a conveyor belt of DJs and crew resulting in inconsistencies and tremendous uncertainties and anxiety to the party organiser, at IGNITE we are proudly and purposely a company where delighted clientele and reputation comes before profits and thus we keep things consistent and uncompromised.


IGNITE Music is the synergy of PURPOSE, PASSION and PROFESSION.

IGNITE Music  |  Bespoke DJ & Event Production Services


Lord Rami Ranger, MBE

"We have engaged IGNITE for our functions in the past and have been very impressed with their professionalism and great service. We found that care was taken to ensure every requirement was met and no stone left unturned. The IGNITE team are verstalie and can adapt to change very quickly. We found iGNITE to be trustworthy and can be relied upon in the most stressful of situations. One can concentrate on their tasks and can be assured they will carry out their job professionally and diligently. We found IGNITE to be attentive to our needs by providing an outstanding and bespoke service. IGNITE have helped make our event a success"

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A Musical Bandwidth Beyond Reason

There is no denying the fact that most DJ's are limited in their bandwidth and fluency of music and thus being able to read a crowd and play to the party can often be a daunting feat, particularly when met with the unexpected.

Playlists are important and have their place, they allow us to understand the tastes and desires of the bride and groom and their families, HOWEVER, being able to read the crowd and play music that rocks the house beyond expectations is an artform that very few DJ's embody.


Arun Lutha
Ragasaan Ragamama

Having built Ragamama from the ground up. I remember the team I formed to build my power-team. IGNITE have been our partners in providing consumer conscious event production with a focus on delivering a standard I consider to be simply the best. This is a company I recommend you book and book early!


Amit Lamba
Laguna Events & Catering

IGNITE is the company we have relied upon year after year to deliver chic, sophisticated and illustrious set ups accompanied with flawless delivery and a service which is second to none.Not only are they are they our first choice for our clients events, they are also the first choice for our own family functions and were the DJ of choice for my own wedding day


Sonia Abrams
Waldorf Astoria

I have worked in the special events industry for many years now and am currently at the prestigious London Syon Park, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel and have had the pleasure of working with IGNITE. Their professionalism, attention to detail and communication has been outstanding. They have worked with our venue most efficiently and have tended to our every need without challenge and have always been easy to communicate with and have a very polite and friendly attitude. What they have created for our clients was a stunning high end production. I look forward to working with them again in the near future.



IGNITE have been servicing the wedding industry for 3 decades. We work hand in hand with your wedding planner, venue, caterer and you yourself (the bride and bridegroom) to create a truly memorable and special event that will be remembered for years to come.

Our distinctive and intuitive approach to delivering excellence at your event is quite simply unsurpassed. Working within the parameters of our highly respected ISO9001 quality management systems means you can enjoy the benefits and certainty in knowing that you are dealing with leading experts in the delivery of sound, lighting, staging, video and scenery provisions for your wedding.

Having IGNITE overseeing the technical aspects of your event makes a significant difference to the quality of your wedding. No matter where in the world your wedding may be taking place, we can supply and deliver a fully comprehensive service or can work hand in hand with the venue and locally sourced suppliers to assure high quality and instil confidence so that you can deal with other important duties.

The feedback on our exceptional level of service and high quality and up to date equipment has been positive right from the start, leaving us to focus on our continuous development in the weddings industry. Our teams of expert technicians and highly experienced project managers have worked in all corners of the globe and are therefore aware of cultural and language differences and are always prepared well in advance.

IGNITE Music  |  Bespoke DJ & Event Production Services


Shashi Ahluwalia
Rainbow Textiles

I am very particular when it comes to our events. I expect nothing short of brilliance and sophistication and this is exactly why I always call upon IGNITE. They are a consumer conscious business with a model that built upon the principles of adding value to their customers. I am a true fan and highly recommend you book IGNITE.


Bobby Babbar
Gold Souk Jewellers

Bobby Babbar
Gold Souk Jewellers

The only company I will ever use for our events and the only company I will ever recommend is IGNITE. Why? Because they are true leaders when it comes to entertaining and commanding the audience. The guys are great to work with and the performance is always brilliant.


Bina Patel

IGNITE are quite simply the only company I would consider for our parties and they are the ONLY company I recommend. They are friendly, approachable and have the write approach. The music is great and the setup always surprises me.

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You're all set, we'll be in touch!

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